Friday, January 30, 2009

Burger and Frie Hands

Lunch Club 2009 edition got off to a great start. Albeit my burger and fry smelling hands (washing up will help), lunch was delectable. Peter, Martin and I checked out the new Craft Burger on Yonge Street.

Sure there was a long line-up, but honestly I think we waited 5 minutes for our food to arrive. And we even got a seat. There was no hovering, or impatiently waiting and we were there in the thick of the lunch rush.

Now on to the burger. We each had the Spicy. The bun was fluffy and puffy. I think it was an egg bun, which I love. The burger was medium through and through. It could have been a wee bit rarer, but I get the lunch rush. Chipotle mayo packed a mild punch. Lettuce – crisp. Tomato – juicy. And the fries, were excellent. Square cut, fried until crisp but soft on the inside. A lot like LaFleurs but crispier. Yum.

Next time I'll try the poutine and maybe a chicken burger. So, yup all in all a great lunch spot. As a club we even agreed to come back next Friday.