Thursday, April 25, 2013


This morning on the streetcar I saw a woman wearing the highest heels possible. She looked pretty good. And she didn't look uncomfortable at all. Sure it was only 8:30 in the morning, but she seemed absolutely at ease in 5 inch heels. Maybe they were 7. Still, it got me thinking...I never wear heels. Like never. Maybe twice a year to a wedding, but other than that I'm a flats and mostly running shoe girl. But I feel a challenge coming on.

Could I go a week in heels? Well I doubt I could keep up with Gus in heels, so could I go a work week in heels? I'm curious. I'm gonna go for it and report back.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

How Goes The Balancing?

Work and Gus and Rich and fun and being social and advancing my career. Well it's a lot to balance. I am trying to do it all. With a lot of help from all sides. And how do I like it? Well I thought I'd hate it. I could remember dreading going back to work, but in truth it's good. I like working. Always have. It's good to go to a place where I am challenged and I am seeing personal growth and trying to make my mark. It's not easy. But if it was I know I would be unhappy. So I put it on for 12 hours and then I rush home to cook, bathe and story time. It's amazing how when I walk through the door I can completely shed my day. Gus has that effect. No matter how ass it was, it's gone as soon as I climb our stairs.

Course it's not all tidy. I may be working part-time but I work all-time. That's me and my industry. So I need to be better at drawing thicker lines between home and work. Today was pretty much the worst for that. Between naps and lunch I snuck in work. Gus was patient but not always happy about me typing and conference calling. I felt kindof sucky being so worky. Boo me.

But alas, I want to blog again. I just want to find my niche. This is my kick off to try again (for what, like the hundredth time!)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Working Woes

So we're in a pitch at the office. We needed some freelance help, stat. So on my day off I try to help out by calling around. I do this while playing with Gus. But of course something had to give and it was my poor Gus. So here I am on the phone with a freelancer, practically begging them to come into the office and that's when I hear BOOM and CRYYY. I look left and see Gus on his back. While attempting to climb the gate that was blocking the stairs he swung himself onto his back. Sweet, sweet baby was ok. I yelled and blathered into the receiver and ran to Gus - who was fine, just really  sad. I could only imagine what the twenty year old thought of this maniac mom on the other end who went from business-like to bananas. I hope she laughed. Anyways, a tangerine was all it took to cheer Gus up. Moments after he had forgotten the whole terrible thing. But I haven't.

Office Confession

Today I ate an old chocolate bar out of the office fridge. What can I say, it was desperate times.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Eggs and Milk

I just never imagined Gus would have a food allergy. Well so far we've discovered he has 2. Eggs and milk. Poor guy had some very bad reactions and now we have no choice but to carry an Epi Pen. As you can imagine I am absolutely freaked out. I wish I never have to use it. I wish even more that his teachers or baby sitter or friend's mom never have to use it. He may grow out of these allergies. Rich did. So there's hope. But no cheese omelets. Or chocolate or ice cream. Milk and eggs are in everything. Processed foods are filled with sneaky stuff.