Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Working Woes

So we're in a pitch at the office. We needed some freelance help, stat. So on my day off I try to help out by calling around. I do this while playing with Gus. But of course something had to give and it was my poor Gus. So here I am on the phone with a freelancer, practically begging them to come into the office and that's when I hear BOOM and CRYYY. I look left and see Gus on his back. While attempting to climb the gate that was blocking the stairs he swung himself onto his back. Sweet, sweet baby was ok. I yelled and blathered into the receiver and ran to Gus - who was fine, just really  sad. I could only imagine what the twenty year old thought of this maniac mom on the other end who went from business-like to bananas. I hope she laughed. Anyways, a tangerine was all it took to cheer Gus up. Moments after he had forgotten the whole terrible thing. But I haven't.