Sunday, April 7, 2013

How Goes The Balancing?

Work and Gus and Rich and fun and being social and advancing my career. Well it's a lot to balance. I am trying to do it all. With a lot of help from all sides. And how do I like it? Well I thought I'd hate it. I could remember dreading going back to work, but in truth it's good. I like working. Always have. It's good to go to a place where I am challenged and I am seeing personal growth and trying to make my mark. It's not easy. But if it was I know I would be unhappy. So I put it on for 12 hours and then I rush home to cook, bathe and story time. It's amazing how when I walk through the door I can completely shed my day. Gus has that effect. No matter how ass it was, it's gone as soon as I climb our stairs.

Course it's not all tidy. I may be working part-time but I work all-time. That's me and my industry. So I need to be better at drawing thicker lines between home and work. Today was pretty much the worst for that. Between naps and lunch I snuck in work. Gus was patient but not always happy about me typing and conference calling. I felt kindof sucky being so worky. Boo me.

But alas, I want to blog again. I just want to find my niche. This is my kick off to try again (for what, like the hundredth time!)