Wednesday, February 4, 2009

All Sewed Up

Last night I took a sewing class at this wonderful shop just down the street from my house - The Workroom. It was 3+ hours of learning how to use a sewing machine and making a pillow. It was really fun and hard. The toughest part was cutting the pattern. My final pillow looks pretty good from far. There's a few stitch mishaps, but the final product works just fine.

The most inspiring thing about the course, was the woman who opened this shop - Karen. She loves to sew and after years of working in office jobs, she decided to open up the Workroom. It's a space where people can come in and use sewing machine, pick beautiful fabrics and meet other sewers. It's very sweet, cutely designed and yet still very rough around the edges - so not over branded. I loved it. Next project, another pillow. And after that, another pillow. I need to master the cutting before I attempt to make a costume.