Thursday, April 9, 2009

Waffle Sandwiches

I must report on my latest culinary endeavour: Waffle Sandwiches. On Tuesday night we got home pretty late. Too hungry to actually cook up dinner, we scrounged through the fridge for a quick fix. To our surprise we stumbled on a container of left-over home cooked waffles. Perfect.

The notion of waffle sandwiches isn't new. Last year BlogTO reported on a waffle spot in Kensington that made these amazing treats. One afternoon trek to this Dutch resto proved disappointing. No savoury sandwiches. No meats stuffed between freshly baked waffles. Only surly service. The spot has since closed. But the idea has always stayed with us.

Savoury and sweet are perfect pals. With waffles stuffed with premium turkey and ham deli meat we created a dinner miracle.

First we lightly warmed the waffles in the toaster and the meats in a frying pan. Then came the assembling. Smoked Gouda, Dijon and mayo topped the meat while the waffles sandwiched it all together . Straight in the toaster for two rounds. Voila. Perfectly warmed, crispy delights. With a side spinach salad, it was gourmet in less than 15 minutes.