Sunday, May 17, 2009

Shame On You Toronto City

Last Sunday, Rich and I rode the rails from Montreal to Toronto. Upon our arrival we shuffled through Toronto's Union Station en route to the TTC. The station is pretty lack lusterless. The detailing in the ceiling is nice, but the seating and floor are so ghetto. I feel bad for the people who are visiting our fine city, for this to be their first impression is pretty sad. The saddest feature of all is the display windows that line the hallway that leads to the exit. Store front windows without stores. One is for a hostel. The next shows some stock shots of our city. But the piece de resistance is a window display that straddles the realm of art piece and terrible, terrible mistake. A blue sky backdrop - something you would see in a high school play is half hanging, half falling down. At its feet is a worn out stuffed bunny rabbit, a broken car headlight, shattered glass and one of those train crossing posts. It's quite pathetic. I guess it has something to do with a speeding accident. Somebody drove into a train and a bunny got hurt bad. After witnessing this depressing display I too wanted to run fast, but first we had to take some shots. For a city with such a fine art scene, it's odd that nobody has ever thought to clean up these windows and display something worth looking at. Maybe something that makes our city look like it's worth staying in, instead of hoping back on the train to Montreal.