Monday, September 28, 2009

Wow! It Was Awesome

The weekend is a blurr, but I want to do my best to remember each and every moment of my wedding. There are loads of fabulous photos and I know there are more to come. But wow!

The prep started on Friday. I ran around picking up the helium tank and the flowers. Then dropping stuff off at the resto and hotel. Tays and I snuck in some nail time. I even made time to put stickers on the apples. At night we met my Mom's family for pizza. It was great. My uncles reunited and my grandma got to see her 3 kids together.

Saturday morning started early. Lisa picked me up and took me to my hair appointment. It was 2 hours of primping and make-up. They did a wicked job. Then back to the hotel for champers and girl time getting ready. Tays, Lindsay, Laura and Lisa helped me into my dress and then the 4 of us plus my Dad and Gail the photographer walked over. Course before we stepped out, Lisa and Tays averted a disaster by cleaning makeup off my dress.

The walk over with my Dad was super special. Then we took to the red carpet. It seems everyone was looking the wrong way, so Rich kindly and apparently hilariously let everyone know. The ceremony started with laughs and the laughs lasted the whole way through. Kenny was incredible and funny. All of his jokes were a hit. Owen bravely brought up the rings. I dropped one of them. Sailor Jerry (Dr. James) protested the wedding. The owl from summer camp flew in and Cory and Johnny dressed up like a cat and robot. So awesome. The vows were special. The sun came out. And just like that, it was over. Lots of hugs and kisses and then on to breakfast. Egg sandwiches, pancakes, bacon, potatoes, fruit and yogurt, a massive pancake tower and petit fours from Montreal. Yum!

Before I knew it people were saying good-bye. Our friends helped us pack up. So sweet. And rich and I ran off to the hotel. We lazed around for a couple of hours, then headed to '9' the movie. Cabbed over to California Sandwiches then back to the hotel to get ready for the party.

Michael's studio was decorated perfectly. Cory set up a camera area where people could get there portraits taken. The cookie table looked yummy, especially with Danielle's treats. Everyone dressed up in wedding attire. Catherine and Andrea were my bridesmaids. We danced to Ryan, Mark and Johnny until 7:30am. It was so fun. Lots of laughs. Rich and I are so lucky to have such wonderful friends.

It was really the best 24hours of my life. I never thought I would say it. I really wanted the wedding to come and go. It was a lot of planning but so worth it. I love my friends for all of their help. And I love my hubby.