Thursday, October 8, 2009

Best Piece At The Moma

Allen Ruppersberg's work at the MOMA was easily my favourite. It's hard to pick favourites amongst the best collection of modern art, but his ten pieces titled, "Honey, I rearranged the collection to see if we got..." are beautiful, hilarious and smart. They're everything I love about modern art. Ruppersberg took a catalogue illustration of a formal living room and played with it. He explored different techniques, colour, style and replication. Each piece has a different look along with a really witty message in script to his "Honey". To me, Honey is obviously his wife. I imagine he's purchased a collection of books and has been busy obsessing how they should be categorized. Maybe he's spent a ton of money is trying to justify his purchase. Or maybe he's trying to show his wife that's he's been busy working. Perhaps every time she checks on him, he's lazing around their living room (much like the illustration), staring off into space. These pieces are proof of his productivity. Scribbles, photocopies, stickers, he was definitely busy. And they are fabulous. A true gem amongst so much work I've been studying for years.