Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I Heart Miss StrangeLove Vintage

I first found MimiQIQI on eBay where I bought 2 lovely vintage dresses. Then when she moved to etsy and I just couldn't resits. Etsy is way less stressful than eBay. Plus I find dealing with sellers so much nicer. I immediately ordered a tweed plaid dress. But weeks have past since my online sale, and no dress. Well today I contacted Mimi, only to discover that my dress is stuck in Canadian customs. Shame on them. Well Mimi was so apologetic and it's not even her fault. She offered to give me a dress as a gift. Too nice. Well who can resist such gorgeous vintage goods? Not me. I chose this leopard pattern dress. Yay! Big thanks. Soon I will have 2 amazing frocks arriving on my doorstep, so long as customs doesn't meddle.