Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Duck And Cheer

Last night I got my daily dose of Vancouver 2010. It was a toss up between men's snowboarding, women's short track speed skating and Dog The Bounty Hunter (he's not an event, but I just can't resit the DAWWWG). Well, skating won out and we won. We were fortunate enough to watch Canadian, Marianne St-Gelais of St. FĂ©licien, Que. take home the silver.

Short track speed skating is a frightening sport. One I could not see myself doing. 4 skaters race around a track and practically on top of each other at an angle. It's amazing they don't slice off their hands. The race was riveting but what I enjoyed even more was watching Marianne's family. There was this amazing clip of her Mom, Dad, Sister and Aunt that never got married (according to Rich) cheer. They were so into the race. Yelling, jumping, hooting and coaching from the stands. Marianne's Mom was waving a Canadian flag the whole time. She also used the flag as a blindfold. She would cheer on her daughter, then duck behind the flag afraid to look. Cheer, duck, cheer, duck. It was great. It's like the race, was just too much excitement for her to take. Or maybe she was afraid, that watching the whole time was bad luck. Who knows, but it was so genuine, so awesome.