Thursday, February 25, 2010

Can You Be A Vegetarian Foodie?

For many, many years I was a vegetarian. It started in summer camp one year, when I saw these tiny hairs on a drumstick and that was it. From that day forth I swore off meat. I didn't like the thought of eating animals. I didn't miss eating animals. Then I met Rich and he taught me about protein. Protein is important. It has nutrients your body needs. It helps build muscles. It keeps you healthy, which I really wasn't. A piece of duck here, a wing there, and before I knew it I was in love with meat. It's delicious. There's nothing yummier than barbecued pork or a roasted chicken. Plus, when it comes to cooking, you can't beat the versatility of meat. And really, if you want to be a foodie, meat is where it's at.

Lately, I've wondered if we should go vegetarian. It's the nice thing to do. I love animals and I feel bad eating them. The thought however, doesn't excite me. Pate and short ribs, beat tofu and beans any day. I fancy myself a bit of a foodie and there aren't any hot bean curd spots popping up. So I guess the question is, do I love food or do I love animals more?