Saturday, May 8, 2010

Meet The Other GC

I've met a lot of cats in my day. Some nice, some cranky. GC (Garage Cat), is probably one of the nicest sweetest strays ever to cross my way. We don't know how old he is, or if he was a neighbour's pet, but when he showed up in Johnnie's garage, we knew he was special. First we fed him, then on cold nights Johnnie kept him in the house, but when we noticed a big gash on the back of his leg it was clear he need some serious TLC. Johnnie took GC to the vet this Friday, turns out that gash was a bite, a pretty serious one. GC has his leg shaved and the wound cleaned, and since he was there, they removed GC's man bits. When Johnnie picked him up at night, GC was a bit woozy but purring happily. Right now, GC is recuperating in the basement washroom. Every time I peak in he's happily meowing away. His gash still looks pretty bad, but Johnnie's giving him the care he needs. It's pretty sweet.