Sunday, May 30, 2010

Wickedess Nails

Remember in elementary school when you'd place stickers on your nails and think, this is so much easier than polish. Well that's exactly what Minx nails are. Awesomely patterned stickers that are expertly placed on your nails. I finally tried them this weekend at Heartbreaker on Dundas. While Melissa and I caught up, our digits got the SITC touch (apparently these nails are all over the film). I chose an 80s pattern, while Melissa went for ruby red. And the results are fabulous. They were a big hit at both weddings this weekend. So far, they're wearing nicely. Bits of peeling here and there, but quick stints under the hairdryer have kept them fine form. Without dishes our housework they'll probably last a week or so.