Wednesday, September 15, 2010

All The Cats I Love

My love for cats is no secret. Since parting with Jackie and Vito I have become mildly obsessed with cats. Sure I talk about them all the time and I have a calendar, no two calendars that are covered in cat pics, but one way I've displaced my love is by taking photos of cats out on the street. It's like the Sartorialist, but for felines. With my BlackBerry in hand I scout for sweet cats who aren't afraid of people. If they don't run, I grab their photo. It's not that easy, cats squirm and roll around, so it often takes a couple shots. I've had some pretty special moments - like the 3 cats in one shot, where I just stumbled upon a group of cats hanging out in a front yard. Or the time when this super cute black cat ran to us from a block away when Rich called for him.

There's GC, Fluffy, my Dad's cats - Clubby and Plume, Moby and so many more. It's safe to say, I love them all. And now that my BlackBerry is pretty much cried out, so begins phase 2 of The Cats I Love.

Check out all my BB Cat pics on Flickr.