Friday, June 3, 2011

What Happened To The Food Network?

When I moved to Toronto 11 years ago, I not only fell in love with the city, but I truly fell for the Food Network. I had heard of it before, but in Montreal our cable carriers didn't have it. Watching cooks like Alton Brown, Bobby Flay, Nigella, Jamie Oliver was like a dream come true. I've always been a food watching fan since the days of Yan Can Cook. Now I had a whole network that taught me how to whip, broil and baste. Over the years The Food Network has become my friend. After long hard work days, it comforts me with cookies. When I'm tired it soothes me with me soup. When I'm curious it teaches me how to whip up puff pastry. And honestly, I've never been bored...until recently.

Over the last few years something has changed, the network has gone reality. Instructive demonstrations have been replaced by nasty rivalries on the kitchen floor as dueling chefs battle it out. There's cupcake wars, bbq wars, next top chef wars, cake wars, sugar wars. I don't want wars, I want funny personable chefs. I'm sick of the ticking clock, the buzzer, the smack talking, the mean judging, the crying. So, it is with saddness that after so many wonderful years I have to say adieu. It's not me, it is you. We've been holding onto cable just for the Food Network, but now there's no reason (with the exception of Guy Ferari) to stay.