Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Inspired By Ottawa

Ottawa is always nice. It's not too far. They have tons to do and it's the perfect place to meet my family half way from here to Montreal (although they have a way shorter drive). This time in Ottawa we went back to the National Gallery to see the Caravaggio exhibit. It's weird, while I majored in art history I had never studied his work in full, I always focused on modern art. Well I loved this show. They did a super job telling his story, comparing his work to his followers who were so taken by his raw and real style. That's what I loved about his paintings too, they weren't perfect. People had dirty nails and saggy skin, Jesus wasn't milky white with perfectly coiffed hair. His work made me appreciate how art has changed and how funnily enough we've gone back to a time when images need to be perfect (nobody puts bad shots up on Facebook). In honour of Caravaggio I've taken this pic of Rich doing his taxes! It's a tough shot that shows the pain and anguish one must go through as a freelance writer who has neglected his administrative duties in favour of dance cages and home renovations.