Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Date Night

Rich and I had our first date night on Saturday and well, it was just ok. I mean it was nice to be out, but after one drink we were done. We're not big drinkers and Rich isn't a restaurant sitter - so after slowly sipping our cocktail we went for a walk around the block. And in truth, we both agreed that Gus could have come!

For me the most significant moment of the night wasn't leaving Gus, but rather realizing that I'm not the baby sitter any more. I leave the house, while someone stays and hangs on the couch. I say, "please help yourself to anything." I now pay someone and hope they get home safely. I was the sitter forever and now I'm on the other side. It's like the Twilight Zone. If I went back in time 20 years, on any given Saturday night I was guaranteed to be baby sitting. It's like a torch has been passed from Mom to sitter throughout the ages.

Well we left Gus in great hands and I didn't worry one bit. We will attempt another date night soon. Something Gus wouldn't be into - maybe dancing!