Thursday, April 30, 2009


Tomorrow on our company off-site, teams will give a one minute presentation on anything to the entire group. My team (the pumpkin patch), has decided to speak on inventions since that's mostly what we talk about. It was either that or Lost. My part will cover off Mealsage. The complete meal in 1 convenient sausage. The breakfast Mealsage contains eggs, toast, bacon, hash browns, coffee and OJ. Aside from being ultra convenient, Mealsage is wonderful for camping, RVs and even parties - appetizer Mealsage makes serving guests a breeze.

Other inventions include:

Jackpotties and Murdiapers: Personal hygiene undergarments for when you're stalking, murdering or just at the casino. 'Murder is messy business'

Incogzino: A clever device that allows you to read magazines while at the office. Simple hook it onto your monitor, slide your zine and voila, your boss won't be the wiser.