Monday, January 4, 2010

Never Leave Home Without Legwarmers

Our trip to Cabo was amazing. Filled with adventure, fine food and glorious sun (more details to come). We packed carry-on only and boy was it liberating. I've come accustomed to packing every piece of clothing I can possible smush into my bag. I'm just always so afraid of being cold. But this time, we packed smart. For six days I brought more than enough clothes.. The only item I regretted not bringing was my leg warmers. They are so perfect for cold mornings and chilly sun sets. A big mistake I will never make again!

My list:
-1 Lululemon pant
-1 zippy Lululemon jacket
-2 nice dresses
-1 day dress
-2 shorts
-4 tanks
-1 T
-2 bikinis
-1 long-sleeve
-rugged sandals
-cutesy sandals
-hiking shoes