Monday, January 4, 2010


Hours after our plane touched down from Cabo we were dancing it up with our friends. The perfect homecoming no doubt. The party was a blast. The after-party was even better. We definitely did it up right (good call Rich). Then after cleaning, eating and loafing, The Waywards gathered around the TV to watch whatever Raoul was watching.

First it was the Reader (so-so), then Collapse, a documentary that literally shook me up. In this tell-all interview, Michael Ruppert an x-LAPD cop turned reporter shares his vision of a future without oil. Based on his experience, his predictions are bleak and the worst part, they've been right so far. He speaks frankly on the economic crisis, energy, and the environment. For me the scariest bit was how soon our world as we know it will change. No oil means more than no cars. Food shortages, chaos, society breaking down, violence... In my weakened post-party state his words hit me hard.

Today I am better. I can't live scared. Turning a blind-eye to these problems is nuts. A few words of advice really stood out to me: learn how to farm and learn first-aid. I can do this. And so these are my New Year's resolutions.