Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's all 3-D To Me

The first 3-D movie I can remember seeing was Michael Jackson’s Captain Eo at Epcot Center. I really can’t recall if it was cool. I have distant memories of Michael and a fuzzy creature, but none of the effects. Course, after seeing Avatar, all 3-D films before have lost all meaning. Say what you will about the plot, but the picture was incredible. Even though it didn’t win an Oscar, 3-D is officially king and it’s even found a place in the rave world.

At Glastonbury, throngs of people dance in silence while 3-D images of Ghost Busters and Mr. T fly at them. Why silent? Well they’re dancing with headphones on. Can’t say I really get this. I guess it’s an immerse experience and there’s no noise complaints. I won’t properly knock it until I’ve tried it. But the 3-D projections, now that’s cool.

Often at clubs, they project lame images on digital boards surrounding the floor. Things like, girls dancing, monkeys scratching themselves, a porcelain cup shattering over and over. Artsy BS. But toss in the 3-D element and for me the experience has totally improved. With more and more 3-D popping up, we’ll have to start carrying the glasses around with us at all times. That means digital boards on street corners, at the hockey game and even in Tim Hortons can entertain us with more dimension. Image, waiting for a double-double while a flurry of Tim Bits fly past. You’d want to catch them with your mouth. Strap on a pair of headphones and you are at your very own silent rave.