Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Westend Ice Cream Crisis

Sunny days make me think of afternoons in the park, bike rides, sandals and ice cream. Creamy vanilla, rich chocolate and chunky strawberry. Last week we were blessed with a week of warm weather. I left my coat in the office in search of a creamy delicious cone. Nadda. The Spadina area is dry, not a twisty cone or double scoop in site. West I went on a frozen treat pilgrimage, only to turn up coneless. That organic ice cream shop on Palmerston hasn't opened yet, and honestly I don't love it. Too cold, hard and tasteless. From Spadina to Roncesvalles there's nothing. Sure the ice cream man makes his rounds, but it's not the same. The west end is crying out for some delicious frozen dairy treats. I know I am.

In Need of Ice Cream