Monday, April 12, 2010

Hooked On Hoof

Our plan was to brunch at Saving Grace, but to my ignorant surprise, we couldn't get in. At 10am, the line-up went right around the corner. The food's good there, but not wait around the corner good. Luckily, Martin and Christina ignored my cavalier opinions and went straight to the Black Hoof Cafe. Right away they got a table. Lucky us.

Donuts filled with jam and bone marrow, suckling pig eggs benny, wieners and beans, bacon egger on a Portuguese bun. Yum. It was all so good. The service was charming. They let us sit as long as we wanted. The coffee was a bit muddy, but all in all, I loved it. I loved it just as much as I loved our dinner across the street.

Both Hoof and Cafe have delighted me on both occasions. Serving inventive food, that's obviously made with the finest ingredients and love. The portions are just the right size and what I adore is no menus - it's all on the blackboard. Till my next visit, I'll dream of juicy charcouterie and spicy octopus and the best eggs benny I've ever had. Maybe the best benny in Toronto.