Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Perfect Match The Movie

I love eHarmony. Well, I love their ads. They make me so happy. People finding their perfect match all thanks to the power of the Internet. Just hearing that song "This will be...", cheers me up. Listening to happy couples recount their first date. Seeing them frolic along the beach. It makes my night every night.

All this e-matchmaking got me wondering... Rich and I met at work, but if we were to go on to eHarmony, would we find each other? This to me sounds like the perfect premise for a romantic comedy.

Open on a happy couple - Robby and Melissa. They met at work years ago and are set to marry in a year or so. Everything is going great. One night ads for eHarmony play over and over on TV. Melissa wonders out loud if her and Robbie would be matched. She sets off to find out. No match. They agree to meet their matches. Their relationship breaks down. Neither are sure they're meant to be. They break up. Both explore other relationships.

Melissa is so distraught she goes to eHarmony's head office to speak to the guy in the ads. He swears by his system. Bummed out, she searches on her phone, who comes up, Robby. They go on a date and all is well.

I like the premise, I think it needs some funny. I'm sure Rich can injext some hilarious hi jinks.