Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mat Leave

I want a mat leave but without the baby part. In Sex ‘n The City, Carrie had a shower minus the wedding part. I love that idea. I had a fabulous shower and now I want to take a proper mat leave. It seems only fair. I know new Moms need the time to adjust to baby, but what about the rest of us. Just cause I don’t have a child, doesn’t mean I don’t deserve the time off. Time to cook, travel, draw and be with Ricky. He could take pat-leave. I’d sublet our home and spend the year in France, Japan and Montreal.

I just watched this fabulous show about riding on a barge through the rivers in France. Super dreamy, meandering along lazy rivers, eating the best duck and picking plums from the trees. On mat leave I could learn to cook French food like Julia Child. In Japan I’d live in the city, eat loads of noodles and go to the craziest parties. Then lay low in Old Montreal, shop, visit my folks and eat nothing but soft ice-cream. I wouldn’t mind going back to work after a year away. I’d probably look forward to it. And I'd probably be way more productive.