Thursday, August 19, 2010

Been Keeping Me Busy

Here's a rundown on all the work Dashboard's been busy doing. I must say, it's pretty awesome. Hi-fives all around.

A mere four weeks ago Operation THRiVE was set into action. Dashboard, GWP, Maverick and Response Innovations – ING DIRECT’s four media partners broke away to make magic. Today all the hard work paid off (in more ways than one).

When ING DIRECT announced to us that they were launching THRiVE Chequing we knew it had to be BIG. This online, no-fee daily chequing account that will allow Canadians to deposit, withdraw or transfer money for free, while earning interest is ING DIRECT’s biggest announcement since they came to Canada.

To make noise and get Canadians excited we devised a national campaign that spanned all media. And it all started with $185 – the average amount Canadians pay in bank fees (or did).

The campaign kicked off weeks ago with a very obscure website – We wanted to demonstrate what your annual fees look like. On this site, pages filled with 185 images (cupcakes, pigeons, sparkling diamonds) cycled through. After every fifth pattern came a simple message, “August 18. Take back your 185.” Designed to create buzz and build SEO, the site got people talking and wondering out loud on Facebook and Twitter.

Which takes us to today, August 18…

The day began with radio remotes broadcasting from ING DIRECT cafés in Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal. Listeners were driven to the cafés for a chance to “Win Big on the Spot”. Participants stood on large orange circles and were randomly chosen for prizes of up to $185.

Then, using street team videos, we captured Canadians passionate reactions to the outrageous fees they pay annually. Just to stir the pot!

Meanwhile, ING DIRECT Savers received an exclusive email from Peter Aceto, ING DIRECT’s CEO. In a sneak peak video, Peter shared the exciting news with Savers first.

Also, commuters in Toronto and Montreal came head-to-head with their annual bank fees. Giant pedestrian billboards covered in loonies, toonies, quarters, nickels and dimes hid an important message. As passersby pulled off the coins, the big news was revealed, “Stop being nickel and dimed. Meet THRiVE.”

At 12:00 Peter Aceto took to the podium at the Toronto Eaton Center to make the news public.

All roads led to The hub for all of the day’s activities. You can see the money wall in action and watch Peter Aceto’s press conference live. A Twitter feed pulls in all of the online chatter, while the Flickr feed streams in images from the events. And most importantly you can learn about THRiVE and register for the preview.

What a great day!