Friday, July 8, 2011

My Ricky Cracks Me Up

Here is his Craig's list post for his famous dance cages. Yup we're selling the ole party paraphernalia to make room for our backyard!

Dance Cages. They're wicked. (Parkdale)

Note: You must be cool, and you must promise to use the dance cages for their intended purpose. That purpose is partying your ass off. These pleasure party platforms have been the property of The Good Times Gang for two years now. Attached are a couple pictures from their most recent weekend. You may notice that these dance cages glow in the freaking dark. You may also notice a giant chicken, an Amish man and a bearded egg have partying on the dance cages... We already told you that these things are not for rookies. Please understand that flagrantly disrespecting the boundaries of normalcy is mandatory if you wish to inherit the dance cages. Photographic proof of your exploits would be a nice courtesy. When assembled, the cages are 4'x4' and ten feet tall. Even when flat-packed they do take up space, because they are solid and built to absorb total dance mayhem. You need a truck & a cordless impact driver to properly transport and assemble/disassemble them. NOTE: You like to build stuff that shocks and amazes your friends (without actually maiming them). If this post has you fist-pumping the air and feverishly dreaming up some crazy shit, maybe you are ready to grab these two colossal party batons and run with them.